About Us

Welcome to NATIVE EXOTICS, where rare and exotic, strange and beautiful plants find their way into your home.

Who We Are

We are a small company in Trumansburg, NY growing and distributing unusual plants like bug-eating carnivorous plants and orchids.

We started the summer of 2013 when we took a trip to Borneo in Southeast Asia that sealed our fate.  We built the business on one home made laminar flow hood and a dream.  Today we are one of the leading distributors of carnivorous plants in the United States.

We owe everything to our customers and we aim to thank them with all the service we can possibly afford to give.  So, if you have any questions or just want to chat, send us some mail or give us a call!

Our Products

We maintain a product list including the latest available species of carnivorous plants – both seed grown and clones, both hybrids and straight species. We also produce some plants in our on-site tissue culture laboratory.

villosa lab many flasks
To make growing Nepenthes plants at home, we recommend  the Bio-Dome©, which waters the plant using capillary action and maintains a high humidity that helps the plant to grow:

Standard Bio-Dome with Nepenthes ‘Lady Luck’

Ryan Georgia, owner of Native Exotics in Borneo with Nepenthes kinabaluensis

Ryan Georgia
Chief Executive Officer

In Borneo we saw a few things we found frightening. We saw plant collecting and disregard for the land. All of the plants that we sell were produced in the lab through seed propagation or tissue culture. Please make sure that whoever you purchase from grow their plants with ethics.

Frog – Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia


Orangutan – Camp Leaky – Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia

Viper – Sabah, Borneo, Malaysia<