January 08, 2017

Some fun and rare Nepenthes will be available from our website in the next month! Lots of surprises!

Some dimorphism in Nepenthes! This just means occurring in two forms and in regards to Nepenthes (tropical insect eating plant) it refers to the differing shapes and size as well as prey “audience” between lower pitchers (traps) and that of the upper pitchers. The first picture on the left is the lower trap while the second on the right is the intermediate/upper pitcher. The argument can certainly be made that Nepenthes can be in most cases trimorphic having relatively distinct differences in three types of pitchers (lower,intermediate and upper traps) as is shown in the photo on the right, this trap still has vestiges of “wings” down its “chest” making it not quite a true upper but sort of in limbo between intermediate and upper pitcher morphology.


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