Boston Flower Show
March 13, 2017

We Are Heading to the Boston Flower Show!

We are heading to the Boston Flower Show¬†at the Seaport World Trade Center! Lot’s of carnivorous plants for sale. Hope to see you there!

Who’s coming to visit us at the 2017#bostonflowershow? We will have 100’s of beautiful#carnivorousplant glass terrariums for sale as well as many other #pitcherplants and#carnivorousplants to offer you! Come see us in booth 415 from Wednesday March 22nd until March 26th!

This event is a lot of fun. This will be our second year attending the show, so many plants and educational venues. Our booth with have large vigorous Venus Fly Traps, Sarracenia, Drosera (sundews), Nepenthes and even some rare items!

In addition to our booth, there will be the NECPS (New England Carnivorous Plant Society) attending with a large booth and display. They will offer educational exhibits and have many carnivorous plants on display.

Boston Flower Show

Some Venus Fly Trap terrariums for sale at the Boston Flower Show!

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