December 22, 2017

Native Exotics is excited to offer over 100 new Nepenthes and Heliamphora tonight.

  • The inventory update will take place tonight December 22nd at 9pm EDT on our website
  • All shipping will take place after the holidays (USPS is backed up right now)
  • If you have a preferred delivery date due to travel, be sure to fill out our Shipping Date Request Form after you place your order.
  • Heat Packs are available and recommended when temperatures go below 30 Fahrenheit consistently. All lowland Nepenthes must have a heat pack, so please add one when you check out.
  • We offer live plant guarantees on all shipments with heat packs, if any issues arise we will either replace your plant or offer store credit
  • Thank you all and we wish you a safe and Happy Holiday season! 

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