August 05, 2017


We will have dozens of new specimen Nepenthes for sale both Nepenthes species and Nepenthes hybrids. The inventory will be going live tonight at 9:00 PM EST. For our newsletter subscribers only we are offering 10% off all orders!

Expect to see established specimens and stock items of the hybrids Nepenthes hamata x robcantleyi,  Nepenthes burkei x hamata, Nepenthes (Rokko ‘Exotica’ x boschiana) x veitchii, Nepenthes (lowii x boschiana) x veitchii (k), Nepenthes alata – giant x truncata, Nepenthes ampullaria x aristo,  Nepenthes sibuyanensis x hamata, and more. 

You will also see species stock items and specimens for sale of Nepenthes attenboroughii, Nepenthes peltata, Nepenthes truncata, Nepenthes platychila, Nepenthes alata, Nepenthes spectabilis, Nepenthes maxima, Nepenthes veitchii, Nepenthes singalana, Nepenthes sibuyanensis, Nepenthes glabrata, Nepenthes bongso, and more. 

We will also be posting some PinguiculaCephalotus and Darlingtonia for sale. 

In the Next Few Weeks We Will Also Be Taking Orders and Pre-Orders for …


We will be posting quite a few NEW seed grown items from Christian Klein. The plants are acclimating in our greenhouse and will be ready in the next few month. Some plants to expect include beauties from Sumatra; Nepenthes lingulata, Nepenthes jacquelineae, Nepenthes talangensis, Nepenthes bongso, to name a few. Some nice horticultural species and hybrids including Nepenthes veitchii “murud” x veitchii “candy stripe.” Also, some downright rare seed grown Nepenthes like Nepenthes campanulata and Nepenthes pervillei. We will be posting the plants for sale as a pre order option in the next couple weeks.


I am sure you have heard the buzz; Exotica Plants will be releasing NEW inventory in August. As a trusted distributor for Exotica, we will be receiving the initial list of plants early, by early we mean before Exotica posts on their own site.

We will add the inventory to our site so you can pre-order plants directly from Native Exotics. Prices will be simply the price of the plant(s) and then shipping costs. Our company has done this import with Exotica Plants for 5 years now with plenty of experience and success, it has been one of our favorite imports as well as our customers! 

We will keep this simple for you guys.  More information will follow on this in the next newsletter, we will also have a page on our website here very soon dedicated to more information as well as the landing page for the Exotica Plants catalog. Feel free to email us with any questions at [email protected]


We have a brand new import of hundreds of plants from Borneo Exotics that arrived this last week. These plants are looking fantastic and are not the typical clones you expect from BE.

We will have large rooted cutting of  Nepenthes singalana x hamata, Nepenthes ventricosa x hamata, Nepenthes aristolochioides x red hairy hamata, and other Nepenthes hamata hybrids. 
If hybrids aren’t your thing, we have Nepenthes robcantleyi, Nepenthes lowii, Nepenthes campanulata, a new Nepenthes singalana as well as a new Nepenthes tenuis clone from BE, all acclimating and ready for sale soon.



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