Native Exotics News
April 10, 2017

Native Exotics News, Inventory Update and Exotica Plants Coming Soon!

Native Exotics News

Well spring is here! For all of us who have had to deal with the cold weather, we now have a reprieve. We can now resume what we love, that is, grow plants!

Here at Native Exotics we have been propagating all winter and importing plants from all over the world to bring you a wide selection of carnivorous plants to add to your collection. Here are a few of the upcoming opportunities:

  • Over 1,000 Nepenthes from Borneo Exotics will be arriving the week of April 10th. It will be a potting extravaganza and we will post pictures of the process and keep everyone updated on their release. We will likely offer a early release and reservation option for the plants as well.
  • We will receive both the Exotica Plants group order around the first week of May, as well as a large order of plants we will be offering you on our website! There will be a large selection of Nepenthes truncata of different seed grown batches likely in June, as well as many other plants.
  • Our staff has been working hard at bringing new items out of our lab.
    • Nepenthes argentii, Nepenthes veitchii (Maliau Basin form), N. jamban, N. ramispina, N. bellii, N. pitopangii, N. villosa, N. ‘new species’, N. chaniana and many more.
  • At the end of this month (April) we will be having a large inventory update. There will be many one offs and some new items as well. This will be exciting!
  • We will be placing a large order with Andreas Wistuba in June or Jully with many Heliaphora and Nepenthes. These will be available on our website in the fall of 2017.

Stay tuned and feel free to send us any questions or requests to [email protected]


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