July 21, 2017

Borneo Exotics is bringing Nepenthes klossii back in a series of NEW clones never before offered for sale. You can order Nepenthes klossii plants as a pre-order from Native Exotics.

Check out our Nepenthes klossii pre-order page for all the latest information on the release.


A couple months ago we imported a large lot of Nepenthes species and hybrids from the wonderful Germany grower Christian Klein. Plants are acclimating in our greenhouse from their long trip and will be available soon for order. We are talking jacqulineae, lowii, muluensis, pervellii, naga, macfarlanei, talangensis, platychila hybrids, and many more all are from seed.


One more update from Exotica for the year and we will be listing plants ahead of time on our website for pre-order in August. This means you can come to our site and buy your plants and we will take care of the rest. More information will provided soon on this EP order.

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