September 30, 2017

Native Exotics now has an Auctions section in the store. We will be posting rarer/specimen plants with starting bids of $1 and no reserve prices. We don’t hate eBay but overtime it has become a mess of fake seeds, poached plants, mislabeled crosses, and illegal imports; so we created our own auction platform.

We will be posting the first batch of plants for auction Sunday, October 1st at 9:00 PM EDT. The auctions will be open several days and end at 15 minute intervals leading up to Friday, October 06 at 9:00 PM EDT. Below are a few plants that you will find posted on Sunday night. 

Each week will donate some of the proceeds on these plant auctions to charities and non-profits. This week we will be donating to United for Puerto Rico, which is providing support to those impacted in Puerto Rico by both Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria.

To bid you just need an account on the Native Exotics website, which most customers will already have. All bidding is live and auctions update instantly showing the bidding history and current highest bid. The platform also supports proxy bidding in which the system bids on behalf of a user against competing bids up to your maximum bid just like eBay. Notification emails are dispatched for initial bids, outbid notifications, and won listings. You can find all the items you are actively bidding on under the My Account section called Native Exotic Auctions.  Once you have won an auction you simply add all your won auctions to your cart and pay our normal USPS shipping rate. 

Exotica Plants Pre-Order

Thank you to everyone that placed orders for the Exotica Plants pre-order #1. If you are planning to order plants from pre-order #1 please do so by 9:00 PM EDT on Saturday, September 30. There are a few items left on the Exotica Pre-Order page. We are now moving into the second pre-order which consists of new inventory posted to Exotica Plants website.

Exotica Plants will be posting new inventory to their website Wednesday October 4th at 8am EDT!!

To request items, you will simply be filling out requests as you have them on the Exotica Pre-Order #2 page in the Native Exotics My Account section. The minute plants are posted to the EP website, you can start copying-out names of items you want and submitting them on the request form on that page. We will be monitoring all the requests that come in and requesting them directly from the EP team. EP then gets back to Native Exotics over the next day or two confirming availability. We will be updating the status of your requests as soon as we can confirm it. There are detailed instruction on the Exotics Plants Pre-Order page.

Pricing for this EP pre-order is really simple

Take the price listed on Exotica’s website which are in Australian dollars, change it (not convert it) to US dollars. Add $10 to this price and that is how much you pay for the plant.

For shipping we are charging standard USPS shipping. This price is $10 for the first plant and $2 for each additional item.

Lets say you find a plant you want on the EP website that is $30 Australian Dollars. The cost for the plant would be $40 USD from Native Exotics. This is $30 AUD to $30 USD and then $10 on top of that.

New Plants Available Soon

You probably have enough on your mind between the Exotica pre-order and the new Auctions section of the website. We have thousands of Nepenthes species and hybrids that will be posted this fall. Plants from Christian Klein, Borneo Exotics, Wistuba, and some Native Exotics Exclusives from our lab and propagation efforts. Keep checking our newsletters, as we post all announcements on availability to our newsletters first.

Nepenthes klossii that were purchased in our BE pre-order started shipping out this week.

New Site Search

We rolled out a new search on the Native Exotics site.  As our inventory continues to grow, especially with all the items we will be posting through the fall-season, we want to make it easy to find plants and content on our site. Try our new lightning-fast instant search that is typo-tolerant and auto-completes plant names. Don’t worry about spelling plant names incorrectly, we often do the same.

Thank you for all your support and for making Native Exotics the #1 source for Nepenthes in the USA

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