October 21, 2017

Our third week of auctions has just ended and we can’t thank you enough for your participation. We have had over 3,000 bids on the 77 items we offered. We will be taking a couple weeks off from auctions and start posting new auction plants in early November. We will be coming back with more Nepenthes argentii, Nepenthes new species Papua New Guinea, and Nepenthes villosa; all due to customer demand.

Inventory Update Tonight at 9:00 PM EDT

Tonight we will do our standard inventory update with many Nepenthes for sale. The inventory will go live at 9:00 PM EDT and include more than 60 items and multiples of many of items. Plants to look forward to include species like Nepenthes robcantleyi, Nepenthes jamban, Nepenthes izumiae, Nepenthes bongso, Nepenthes glandulifera, Nepenthes boschiana, as well as our Nepenthes villosa ‘DM’ clone. We also be posting some Drosera regia, Drosera schizandra, Drosera prolifera and some Cephalotus clones. Some beautiful Utricularia that we have been growing out will also be posted as well as many newer Nepenthes hybrids and some rooted cuttings.

We would also like to offer free shipping on orders over $100 as a small treat to our customers.

Exotica Pre-Order

Thank you to everyone that placed orders through Native Exotics for Exotica Plants pre-order #1 and pre-order #2. Plants should be arriving from Australia in November and we will forward them along to their homes immediately.

Find the right plant and spend less time doing it

We have made some user experience improvement to the website worth mentioning. The inventory is ever-growing and we have requests to keep up sold items for historical reasons, but also have customers noting there is too much out-of-stock items showing when browsing the inventory. We have added a couple options to help combat this issue. The default 'Sort By' option on all the store and product pages is now by Availability as opposed to Name. You will also find the ability to sort by Name alphabetically from A-Z and Name alphabetically Z-A.

You will also now find the ability to just hide all out-of-stock items. Logged in users can navigate to a new page in My Account > Shopping Preferences where a simple check of a box and click the button Update will hide all out-of-stock inventory throughout the site and save this as a shopping preference.

Auction Pro Tips

Keep in mind that just like eBay our auction platform allows proxy bidding. Customers can place a high/max bid and then the system will place auto bids on your behalf up to your highest bid. You will see this taking place if you view the Auction History tab on an plant auction, bids will be denoted with the username for the customer and the word auto next to it.

When Proxy Bidding is in effect, it can appear as if one bidder has beat another bidder with the same bid amount. This is normal and occurs when a bidder has a proxy bid in effect and a second bidder comes along and makes their bid at the exact same amount the current proxy bid is at. Since the proxy bid was placed earlier, that is the bid that will succeed. For the second bidder to succeed in placing a bid, they must bid higher than the proxy bid that is in effect.

We also just completed a change that allows customers that win multiple auction to add the won auctions to their cart and complete a single checkout paying our normal combined USPS shipping rate for all items.

Thank you for all your support and for making Native Exotics the #1 source for Nepenthes in the USA.

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