January 12, 2015

Brrr…. it has finally gotten cold.  We were a little concerned that we wouldn’t get to really test our new massive wood pellet boiler heating system (more on that soon) with all the unseasonably warm weather we’ve had in New York.  Lucky us, it finally broke.


It broke spectacularly in a series of blizzards and ice storms.


While Ryan curses the weather, I take the opportunity to bring you some of Ithaca’s beauty – frosted like a cake.

buttermilk ice 1_2

Buttermilk falls. Ice on the raging river.


buttermilk cliff 1_2

Cliffs – deliciously dangerous!


The gorge - ain't it gorgeous!

The gorge – ain’t it gorgeous!

Tree roots are fascinating!

Tree roots are fascinating!

I call this one the home depot sunset...

I call this one the home depot sunset…

The scene from our greenhouse!


Love to all,


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