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Nepenthes villosa – Toothy Beauty – Cultivation

Nepenthes villosa

Nepenthes villosa is one of the more coveted species of tropical pitcher plants. This coveted plant is native to the highland mountain regions of Mount Kinabalu and Mount Tambuyukon in Sabah, Borneo. Found at approximately 2,300-3,200 meters in elevation it requires cool nights to do well! We have found that they appreciate a night temperature of 50° Fahrenheit. During the day temperatures never exceed 78° Fahrenheit. Furthermore, N. villosa requires a relative humidity above 75% at all times.

Due to the high elevation, growers find it difficult to replicate the growing conditions. Here is a great link to an article written by Jeff Shafer in the Carnivorous Plant Newsletter in 2003. This is a technique we also have used and modified here at the nursery with great success! It allows the grower to control the temperatures with ease and it’s inexpensive! We recommend you check out your local Craigslist for a used chest freezer. Let us know if you have any questions feel free to send them to [email protected].

2017–Nepenthes in the Greenhouse

Some fun and rare Nepenthes will be available from our website in the next month! Lots of surprises!

Some dimorphism in Nepenthes! This just means occurring in two forms and in regards to Nepenthes (tropical insect eating plant) it refers to the differing shapes and size as well as prey “audience” between lower pitchers (traps) and that of the upper pitchers. The first picture on the left is the lower trap while the second on the right is the intermediate/upper pitcher. The argument can certainly be made that Nepenthes can be in most cases trimorphic having relatively distinct differences in three types of pitchers (lower,intermediate and upper traps) as is shown in the photo on the right, this trap still has vestiges of “wings” down its “chest” making it not quite a true upper but sort of in limbo between intermediate and upper pitcher morphology.