March 02, 2018

We will also be giving away plants to customers.

The Native Exotics inventory update will occur Saturday, March 10th at 6:00 PM EST with over 300 Nepenthes, Utricularia, Drosera, Pinguicula, and even Ant Plants and Orchids.

Native Exotics will also offer un-rooted cuttings of some of our favorite nursery plants. We will cut them the same day we ship, prepared with rooting hormone, and wrapped in live sphagnum. You can just place them in your growing space and enjoy.

Most plants will have multiple cuttings available. The first order of each cutting will get the growth point, with subsequent orders getting vigorous three node sections. Cuttings that will be offered include:

  • Nepenthes aristolochioides – Male Clone
  • Nepenthes x briggsiana – (pictured above)
  • Nepenthes hamata – Lumut seed grown (pictured above)
  • Nepenthes lowii x “Gothica” – warped peristome (pictured above)
  • Nepenthes (rafflesiana x ampullaria) x hamata – EP
  • Nepenthes tenuidon – EP (pictured above)
  • Nepenthes thorelii x aristolochioides

So What About the Free Plants?

For the March 10th Update, Native Exotics will be doing drawings for free plants to customers that spend above these amounts:

  • $50 or more – a drawing for a Cephalotus follicularis
  • $75 or more – a drawing for a Heliamphora heterodoxa division
  • $100 or more – a drawing for a Nepenthes veitchii Maliau Basin form
  • $150 or more – a drawing for a Nepenthes hamata AW
  • $250 or more – a drawing for a Nepenthes argentii NE- Clone 2

You will be entered in every drawing below the level you spend. Example: You spend $150 on your March 10th order you will be eligible to win the N. hamata, N. veitchii, H. heterodoxa, and Cephalotus. Winners will be picked on Sunday at 9:00 PM EST.

Shipping on orders placed March 10th will begin on Tuesday, March 13th weather permitting.

Is Native Exotics Doing an Exotica Plants (EP) Order?

Yes, this will occur in mid-to-late March, the dates are being confirmed with Exotica.

We will be doing Pre-Order #1 of guaranteed Nepenthes from Exotica Plants that will be posted directly to our website, not Exotica’s. Plants and quantities will be provided by Exotica and we will make these plants available on our website and facilitate the pre-order.

We will also do Pre-Order #2 of plants from Exotica. We will go ahead and buy some plants from Exotica’s inventory update on their site and then confirm quantities and availability from Exotica. When plants are guaranteed, we will then post to our website at a specified time and call this Pre-Order #2.

Both pre-orders are shipped from Australia together and forwarded directly to customers as they arrive at the Native Exotics nursery.

We are not going to be taking requests from customers during the actual Exotica website update. We get too many situations of 15 customers emailing us for a single (one-of-one) specimen plant on Exotica’s website leaving 14 disappointed customers when we get that single plant confirmed. We invite customers to view the inventory on Exotica’s site when posted as a sort of preview of what might show on the Native Exotics website a little bit later in the week when we have confirmed availability with Exotica. We will have similar pricing as last year’s Exotica Plants order and just charge a set price on each plant and USPS shipping. Should be nice, simple, and stress free for you.

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