Light Requirements

Light is an important factor for healthy Nepenthes growth.  We grow our plants under 50% shade cloth in our greenhouse year round in upstate New York, it is notorious for cloudy days! This said, many growers who don’t have a greenhouse grow their plants in a bright windowsill that gets 4 or more hours of “direct” sun each day, while receiving bright filtered light for the remainder of the day. You can also grow your Nepenthes with a high success rate under LED or fluorescent lights (T5 bulbs are recommended with a high output 6500 K).  Keep the lights at least a foot away from the canopy of the plants at first and adjust the distance as needed. It’s okay for the leaves to turn reddish in color and to lighten up a bit, as this means they are getting a fair amount of light.  If the leaves turn yellow they may need more light, but this isn’t the only reason for leaves to turn yellow.  It can also signify nutrient deficiency.  If the bottom leave(s) turn yellow this is fine, as this happens to the older growth and shouldn’t cause any concern.