Dendrophylax (sallei x lindenii) – Seed Grown – Rare – Native Exotics Exclusive

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The plants in the photo are representative of the plant you will receive. We will ship this plant potted as seen in the photo.

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Dendrophylax (sallei x lindenii) – Seed Grown – Rare – Native Exotics Exclusive

Dendrophylax (sallei x lindenii)

This is an unusual and rare epiphytic orchid hybrid. The female in this cross is found in the Dominican Republic in lowland limestone rain forests. The male parent is the famous Ghost Orchid and is native to southern Florida and Caribbean islands such Cuba. This is a challenging hybrid to grow and requires consistent warm conditions with high humidity and bright light. The genus Dendrophylax doesn’t produce leaves, instead it has evolved with photosynthetic roots. Produces one to several large stunning white flowers. These plants have been sustainably produced via horticulturally made seed that was then germinated and propagated in vitro.

These specimens are well hardened-off seed-grown plants from our lab here at Native Exotics. They are small, about 2-3″ across. They’re still young, so some of the adult characteristics aren’t visible yet.

This plant prefers warm intermediate conditions, which means that it should be kept around 80-85°F during the day and 63-65°F at night with a very high relative humidity.

Orchids as a genus, in most cases prefer high humidity, at least 55% RH for most species. This species however needs 75% or above to do well. In addition, they should be watered with distilled water, rainwater or reverse osmosis water rather than tap or well water. Fertilizing Orchids should only be done once a week using a fertilizer specifically for Orchids.

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