Drosera menziesii ssp. menziesii – Native Exotics – Rare

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The plant in the photo is representative of the plant you will receive. If you purchase this plant during the dormancy cycle from May to September you will not see any active growth, their will be tubers in the soil. We will ship your plant potted.

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Drosera menziesii ssp. menziesii – Native Exotics – Rare

Drosera menziesii ssp. menziesii

This is a tuberous, perennial species found in Western Australia. This species is known for it’s scrambling erect growth habit and pink flowers. During the dormant cycle of this species, typically from May through September it needs to be kept on the drier side. In September you can start to water either from the top or via submerging the bottom half inch of the pot in distilled or rain water, this coupled with cooler temperatures will trigger the plant to start growing. This plant prefers very bright light.

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