Nepenthes peltata – Native Exotics

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A small sized clone from our facilities here at Native Exotics. This plant does best under lowland to intermediate conditions. The plant in the photo is representative of the plant you will receive. We ship this plant potted.

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Nepenthes peltata – Native Exotics

Nepenthes peltata – Native Exotics

These specimens are well hardened-off clones from our facilities here at Native Exotics. They are small, about 2-3″ across. They’re still young, so some of the adult characteristics aren’t visible yet.

This plant prefers lowland to intermediate conditions, which means that it should be kept around 78-88°F during the day and 60-68°F at night with a very high relative humidity.

Nepenthes as a genus prefer high humidity, at least 75% RH for most species. In addition, they should be watered with distilled water, rainwater or reverse osmosis water rather than tap or well water. Fertilizing Nepenthes should only be done rarely, and with extreme care.

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