Utricularia quelchii – Native Exotics

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The plant in the photo is representative of the plant you will receive. We will ship potted. The plant in the last photo is of a mature plant and not for sale.

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Utricularia quelchii – Native Exotics

Utricularia quelchii

Utricularia quelchii is a coveted species within the orchidioides section of the genus Utricularia. This species is well known for some of the most stunning flowers in the genus, truly show stopping! This species in general requires cool nights at about 60 F or even as cool as 55 F to do well and days in the mid to upper 70’s. It can tolerate slightly warmer nights as well as slightly warmer days if exposed for short periods of time. You can grow this species well in live sphagnum moss. Remember that your plant requires ‘wet feet’! This means don’t let the plant dry out for very long and keep the humidity high. As with all carnivorous plants use distilled water, rain water or reverse osmosis water.

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