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Winter Shipping Changes

Published: 16 February, 2019

Starting this month, we did away with selling heat packs as an item and include them as part of the Winter Shipping rate, if needed. This rate also includes using larger and/or double-walled boxes and extra packing material when beneficial...

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About the Nursery

Native Exotics is a carnivorous plant nursery located in Trumansburg, New York, USA. We maintain a catalog of carnivorous plants for sale including many Nepenthes species and Nepenthes hybrids for sale from both seed and tissue culture.

At Native Exotics we focus on Nepenthes for sale and grow many rare tropical pitcher plants in our own tissue culture laboratory. We import plants from Borneo Exotics, Exotica Plants Australia, Malesiana Tropicals, The Nepenthes Nursery (Andreas Wistuba), and also Christian Klein. We offer rooted Nepenthes cuttings every once in a while and introduce new clones and Nepenthes species into cultivation.


The Native Exotics Greenhouse at Night with Snow on the ground

Root-Deep with Native Exotics

At Native Exotics, we have a mission to do more than deliver beautiful carnivorous plants to your home. We continually focus on providing inspiration and meaningful impact to the larger carnivorous plant community by adhering to three fundamental pillars.

Some tissue culture Drosera (Sundews) in our Laboratory
1. Education & Conservation

We are focused on preserving rare plants and maintaining bio-diversity around the world. We grow many rare plants in our own tissue culture lab.

Owner Ryan Georgia grooming the Nepenthes for sale
2. Healthy Plants & Happy Customers

We believe in keeping our customers happy by offering them healthy plants and keeping our plants happy by selling them to healthy customers.

A rare Nepenthes hamata for sale. We have many Highland Nepenthes and Ultra Highland Nepenthes for sale
3. Making House Plants Cool

Plants that eat flesh; sounds cool to me. You can enjoy growing these rare carnivorous plants even in your own living room with little maintenance.

We maintain an extensive list of Nepenthes species and hybrids for sale. We specialize in rare tropical pitcher plants from South East Asia and produce our own plants from seed and tissue culture.

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